Thursday, February 1, 2018

Rigid and Single

I love the simplicity of a rigid single speed mountain bike. It's always a challenge, and even in my 60's, I see constant improvement in my endurance and bike handling skills by continuing to test my abilities on the local single track.
  After years of not wearing a watch I liked the look of this titainium Swiss army watch so much I got one. I expected it to be as rugged as my 17 year old Black Sheep 26+. Yesterday I hit a local single track loop hard, bombing through the 3 inch sharp rock chatter with no regard for how hard it was hammering my arms, I'm used to rigid bikes. Well my " rugged" ti watch had the pins in the band shook right out and when I stopped for a drink of water, I noticed my watch was gone. Two miles of back tracking on foot and there it was, on the trail, not a mark on it. Life,ain't easy at the back of the pack.

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